Abandon All Hope - Defining Moments Lyrics

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Abandon All Hope Lyrics

Defining Moments Lyrics

I remember a time when the world was still one-dimensional
I never tread were ambition preyed,
there was no world beyond Adelaide
Then I grew old overnight to run with knives,
through forests of trip-wires
The obstructed light is as blinding as a force-feed daylight
In search of purity I trip and let the blade take motion through me
Scatter the ashes of my old self
A crossroad in the bloodline
A man made answer to a man made void
I re-shape my mind a page at a time
A wrecking ball against my genetic architecture
Beyond the walls a heaven-proof clarity
Common sense overrides my heart
My conscience binds me, your faith deludes you
I prey that one day your love finds me
You wont listen to reason
That uncompromising disposition in you, you bread in me
I had my heart set on finding perfection in a chaotic mess of defection
I had my heart set on realising everything I gave wasn't for nothing
I had my heart set on finding the reason why everything I find I don't end up keeping
I had my heart set on sharing a secret with the whole world and knowing they'll all keep it

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