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From the Album Victims (2008)
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Devices Lyrics
Oh, Infamous City Lyrics
Believe Lyrics
The Fire Lyrics
Parallels Lyrics
A Tree And Its Fruit Lyrics
Faces Lyrics
Salus Suas Extanderealas Concedit Lyrics
II Lyrics
The Flood Lyrics
The Evidence Lyrics

From the Album Keep Your Head Above The Water (2006)
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Without Regret Lyrics
You Carried Me While We Buried You Lyrics
The Lungs That Impress: Eternal Lyrics
Leave That Man Be Lyrics
Real Men Will Be Found With Their Face Flat On The Ground Lyrics
If Nothing Is Pending, We Will See Results In Eight Days Lyrics
Father Part The Clouds In The Sky Lyrics
Dressed For The Occasion Lyrics
Marvin Gaye And How I Stole Myself Lyrics

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