Alpha Blondy Lyrics

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Alpha Blondy Lyrics

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From the Album Vision (2011)
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Vuvuzela (Remix) Lyrics

From the Album Yitzhak Rabin (1998)
(featuring The Solar System)
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New Dawn Lyrics
Assinie Mafia Lyrics

From the Album Masada (1992)
(featuring The Solar System)
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Masada Lyrics
Multipartisme (Médiocratie) Lyrics
Rendez-Vous Lyrics
Houphouet Yako Lyrics
Peace In Liberia Lyrics
Papa Bakoye Lyrics

From the Album The Prophets (1989)
(featuring The Solar System)
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Face To Face Lyrics
Black Men Tears Lyrics
Jah Music Lyrics

From the Album Jerusalem (1986)
(featuring Wailers Band)
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Jerusalem Lyrics
Politiqui Lyrics
Travailler C'est Trop Dur Lyrics

From the Album Apartheid Is Nazism (1985)
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Apartheid Is Nazism Lyrics
Sébé Allah Y'é Lyrics
Come Back Jesus Lyrics

From the Album Cocody Rock! (1984)
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Cocody Rock Lyrics

From the Album Jah Glory! (1983)
(featuring The Natty Rebels)
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Brigadier Sabari Lyrics

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