Amyst Lyrics

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Amyst Lyrics

From the Album Seeker (2011)
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We'll Play With Fire Ants Until The Water Floods The Mound Lyrics
Let's Do Things We Don't Do In Real Life Lyrics
I'll Always Be Around Lyrics
To Sketch Memories In Stars Lyrics
The Way Mickey Wears Her Shades Lyrics
I'd Trade You For A Dream Catcher Lyrics

From the Album Chapters In Her Diary (2010)
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Magical Creatures Lyrics
Discovery Of The Bicycle Lyrics
Letter To Grace Lyrics
Don't Cry, Someone Might Hear Lyrics
The End Of The Carousel Lyrics

From the Album The Eastern Silhouette (2009)
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The Elephant (Original) Lyrics
Monsters Lyrics
Befriend The Ghost Lyrics
Into The Stars Lyrics
Sand Castles Lyrics
The Elephant Lyrics
The Eastern Silhouette Lyrics
The Elephants Lyrics

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