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Ariel Pink Lyrics

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From the Album Pom Pom (2014)
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Pom Pom
Plastic Raincoats In The Pig Parade
White Freckles
Four Shadows
Not Enough Violence
Put Your Number In My Phone
One Summer Night
Nude Beach A G-Go
Goth Bomb
Dinosaur Carebears
Negativ Ed
Sexual Athletics
Black Ballerina
Picture Me Gone
Exile On Frog Street
Dayzed Inn Daydreams

From the Album Gorilla/Appleasians (2013)
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From the Album Mature Themes (2012)
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Mature Themes
Kinski Assassins
Is This The Best Spot?
Mature Themes
Only In My Dreams
Early Birds Of Babylon
Schnitzel Boogie
Symphony Of The Nymph
Pink Slime
Farewell American Primitive
Live It Up
Nostradamus & Me

From the Album Before Today (2010)
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Before Today
Hot Body Rub
Bright Lit Blue Skies
L'estat (Acc. To The Widow's Maid)
Fright Night (Nevermore)
Round And Round
Beverly Kills
Butt-House Blondies
Little Wig
Can't Hear My Eyes
Menopause Man

From the Album Odditties Sodomies Vol. 1 (2008)
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Odditties Sodomies Vol. 1
Suicide Notice
I Wanna Be Young
Safeguards From Home
Make Room For Harry
The Bottom
A Tomb All Your Own
He's Good (Unfinished)
Something Isn't Something

From the Album Underground (2007)
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Spires In The Snow
Jack Off
Ghost Town
Bobby's On The Phone
Don't Turn Back / 2008
Damage Done
Until The Night Dies
Sensitive Man

From the Album Scared Famous (2007)
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Scared Famous
Howling At The Moon
Are You Gonna Look After My Boys?
Baby Comes Around
Talking All The Time
Politely Declined
Scared Famous
Why Can't I Be Me?
Girl In A Tree
The Kitchen Club
Passing The Petal 2 You
Inmates Of Heartache
In A Tomb All Your Own
Jesus Christ Came To Me In A Dream
The List (My Favorite Song)
An Appeal From Heaven

From the Album My Molly (2006)
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My Molly
The Bottom
My Molly
Rock Play
This Night Has Opened My Eyes

From the Album Lover Boy (2006)
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Lover Boy
Don't Talk To Strangers
Didn't It Click?
She's My Girl
Poultry Head
Older Than Her Years
So Glad
Want Me
Jonathan's Halo
Hobbies Galore
I Don't Need Enemies
Let's Get Married Tonite
New Trumpets Of Time
You Are My Angel

From the Album House Arrest (2006)
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House Arrest
Hardcore Pops Are Fun
Interesting Results
West Coast Calamities
Flying Circles
Gettin' High In The Morning
Every Night I Die At Miyagi's
House Arrest
The People I'm Not
Almost Waiting
Oceans Of Weep
Higher And Higher

From the Album Ariel Friedman (2006)
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Ariel Friedman
Ariel (Friedman)
Choose To Loose

From the Album Worn Copy (2005)
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Worn Copy
Trepanated Earth
Immune To Emotion
Jules Lost His Jewels
Bloody! (Bagonia's)
Life In L.A.
The Drummer
Cable Access Follies
One On One
Oblivious Peninsula
Somewhere In Europe / Hotpink!
Thespian City
Foilly Foibles / GOLD
Jagged Carnival Tours

From the Album The Doldrums (2004)
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The Doldrums
Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups
Strange Fires
Among Dreams
For Kate I Wait
Haunted Graffiti
Gray Sunset
The Doldrums
Envelopes Another Day
The Ballad Of Bobby Pyn
Don't Think Twice (Love)
Until The Night Dies
Theme From Unreleased 'Claris Gardens'
Let's Build A Campfire There
Young Pilot Astray

Other Songs:
Hang On To Life

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