Army Of The Pharaohs Lyrics

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Army Of The Pharaohs Lyrics

From the Album In Death Reborn (2014)
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Curse Of The Pharaohs
Midnight Burial
Broken Safeties
God Particle
Luxor Temple
See You In Hell
Headless Ritual
Visual Camouflage
Digital War
7th Ghost

From the Album The Unholy Terror (2010)
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Agony Fire
Ripped To Shreds
Bust Em' In'
Contra Mantra
Drenched In Blood
Spaz Out
44 Magnum
Dead Shall Rise
Cookin' Keys
Burn You Alive
Hollow Points
Suicide Girl
The Ultimatum

From the Album Ritual Of Battle (2007)
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Swords Drawn
Time To Rock
Dump The Clip
Black Christmas
Blue Steel
Gun Ballad
Strike Back
Through Blood By Thunder
Murda Murda
Bloody Tears
Drama Theme
Pages In Blood
D And D
Don't Cry

From the Album The Torture Papers (2006)
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Battle Cry
Henry The 8th
Pull The Pins Out
Tear It Down
Into The Arms Of Angels
The Torture Papers
Listen Up
All Shall Perish
Wrath Of Gods
Narrow Grave
Feast Of The Wolves
King Among Kings
Silence & I

Other Songs:
War Ensemble

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