Asguard Lyrics

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Asguard Lyrics

From the Album Dreamslave (2005)
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Act I: There Is No Time For Inaction Lyrics
Under The Silent Moon Lyrics
Dreamslave Lyrics
Masquerade Lyrics
Act II: In The World Of Violence And Lies Lyrics
Master Of Everything Lyrics
Supremacy Over The World Lyrics
The Main Art Of Mortal Lyrics
Slave Forever Lyrics
Act III: Time Of Eternal Dream Lyrics
Crash Of Hope Lyrics
Last Day Of The Real Existence Lyrics
Eternal Dream Lyrics
Act IV: Infinite Road To Hell Lyrics
Dark Veil Of Dream Lyrics
Where Once The Moon Rose Lyrics

From the Album Wikka (2004)
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Wikka Lyrics
The Visions Of Dream Lyrics
The Black Wandering Of Death (Visions 1) Lyrics
The Black Wandering Of Death (Visions 2) Lyrics
The Master Of Everything Lyrics
The Ancient Track Lyrics
Doomed Lyrics
Leather Rebel Lyrics
An Eternity Lyrics

From the Album Blackfire Land (2003)
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Blackfire Land Lyrics
The Last Day Of Real Existence Lyrics
Craft Of Death Lyrics
Eternal Dream Lyrics
Bloody Hate Lyrics
War Lyrics
Metal Warriors Lyrics

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