Astrofaes Lyrics

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Astrofaes Lyrics

From the Album Those Whose Past Is Immortal (2005)
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The Principle Of Existence Lyrics
Hate Fang Lyrics
The Depths Of The Past Lyrics
Blackest Mountain Chain Of Cursed Time Lyrics
The Abyss (The Edge Of Eternity) Lyrics
Soul Of The Black Forest Lyrics
Glacial Darkness Lyrics

From the Album Ancestor's Shadows (2002)
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On The Eternal Way Lyrics
Under The Cover Of Destiny Lyrics
Thunder I Shall Bring Lyrics
Immortality Reached Fire Lyrics
After The Battle Lyrics
The Last Dawn Lyrics
The Call Of My Land Lyrics

From the Album Dying Emotions Domain (1999)
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The Black Woods Theory Lyrics
Fiery Mysticism Lyrics
At Nightfall Lyrics
Path To Burning Space Lyrics
Necromantical Screams Lyrics
Ad Infinitum (Dark II) Lyrics
Dying Emotions Domain Lyrics
A Song Of The Night Birds Lyrics

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