Avian Lyrics

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Avian Lyrics

From the Album Ashes And Madness (2009)
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Ashes And Madness Lyrics
The Lost And Forsaken Lyrics
Into The Other Side Lyrics
Esoteric Lies Lyrics
Fall From Grace Lyrics
Beyond The Hallowed Gates Lyrics
Thundersoul Lyrics
All The Kings Horses Lyrics
Never Fade From Me Lyrics
Time And Space Part II: Unlock The Mystery Lyrics

From the Album From The Depths Of Time (2005)
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Through The Past And Into Forever Lyrics
As The World Burns Lyrics
Black Masquerade Lyrics
The Fear Lyrics
Final Frontier Lyrics
Across The Millions Lyrics
Time And Space Part I: City Of Peace Lyrics
Single Blade Of Vengeance Lyrics
Blinding Force Lyrics
Time Is All We Need Lyrics
Queen Of The Insane Lyrics
Last Moon Lyrics
The Depths Of Time Lyrics

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