Before The Torn - An Ocean Of Pride Lyrics

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Before The Torn Lyrics

An Ocean Of Pride Lyrics

Our life's future
holds nothing for the both of us
we had it once, but now it's all lost
in the midst of the hardest winter
we found ourselves separated by an ocean of pride
The rising tide come forth to the sky
trust was broken forever
horizon bring hope, come forth to me
This is where they play god
This is the place
where the fake becomes real
and the sun never heals
This is the place
where you tell your lies
and never disguise
What's behind the truth i seek
In this hour of brutal honesty
I'll forever sleep and never see another day
To the world I once built around us
So forgiveness isn't what i'm ready for
I find myself confined within the waking day
those walls fell down and we could breathe eternity
we'll never see another day
we'll never feel the light again
To defy my strength
I wander through this tide of endless dreams
And I don't regret anything
Cause tonight we'll be torn apart

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