Before The Torn - Hands of Salvation Lyrics

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Before The Torn Lyrics

Hands of Salvation Lyrics

Light return my heart and
with a single meaning in life
wake up the angels of death
they call us from the other side
you have cursed my heart into nothing
drowned yourself in this tempest of chaos, i've seen the fate of this world
the morning looks beneath a bleak starlight
these haunted shores
will not lead anywhere
they have perished forever
i am the master, i'm the ruler, i am everything
thought i was better and life would spring on my hand
burn me alive inside, burn this heartless existence, engulfed in pride
i gave you the morning light
i gave you the burning stars
Until the sun shines on my face
smiles at me tears of comfort
enlight up the darkness
enlight everything
this man sails through the endless
these waves lead to nowhere
your eyes, they speak to me like needles into my heart
your eyes, they stand and watch, my hands reaching for life

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