Bones Brigade - DxIxE Lyrics

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Bones Brigade Lyrics

DxIxE Lyrics

I'll tear out your heart just to let you watch it bleed
I've grown past your seduction, you've got nothing I need
You pulled my chains, I writhed in agony
While you showed all your friends how you laughed at me
the tables have turned, my central organs gone black
D I E there's no turning it back
I've grown accustomed to being by myself
Discipline insanity exile
forced out I won't let you in
Discipline insanity exile
alone in my world I always win
When I try to feel I get no response
from the friends in my head, just empty taunts
Pain on the outside dulls the hurt on the inside
if you could see inside me you'd run and hide
glass embedded in flesh from ritual exploration
personal de-floweration to orgasmic mutilation
I need some fuckin' help
Discipline Insanity Exile
get outta here, run for your life
Discipline Insanity
am I the martyr to every suicide note
am I burdened or am I gifted
can't fuckin' decide,
'cause when I'm all alone
my mind starts to wander
A person can only count their fingers and toes
so many times before they start to think
and dwell on the things that eat away at their brain
what if I was dead
what if I could escape my head
and all the things around me
when I look down I'm surprised to see
tears of red pouring out of me
for these moments I cannot be touched
I've released the demons that I let haunt my mind
How much longer until the only way I'm satisfied is when I've died

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