Bones Brigade - I'm Not Alright Lyrics

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Bones Brigade Lyrics

I'm Not Alright Lyrics

fuck you for asking but i'm not alright.
are you doing this for a reason or is it just out of spite?
spare me your bullshit, don't pretend that you care.
because you know that i'm not alright.

every time i see you it tears me apart.
each word you bleed like a knife in my heart.
stop bothering me, i don't have the strength to fight.
can't you see that i'm not alright.

"i don't even care about self-destruction anymore...
what's the use?" (black flag).

i can't even stand the sound of your name.
i'm falling apart because of your games.
i want to die, now i might.
don't you get it? i'm not alright.

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