Bones Brigade - See Right Through Lyrics

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Bones Brigade Lyrics

See Right Through Lyrics

bad attitude and nothing to say.
you judge every band before they play.
as kids in the scene, we all do our part.
your insincerity is what sets you apart.
chip on your shoulder, something to prove.
you put others down because you've got nothing else to do.
you've gone through all the fads and had your opinions sold to you.

you're so fake, i see right through.

potential friendship thrown away.
because we choose to fold our arms and look the other way.
common ground has been ignored.
traded in for gossip on a message board.
passing judgment and passing up friends.
you're too concerned with the next big trend.
well your petty ways have got to quit.
because we've had it up to here with your fucking shit!

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