Bones Brigade - xFakex Lyrics

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Bones Brigade Lyrics

xFakex Lyrics

fuck your web site you elitist jock
hardcore is not a message board, there's no HTML mosh
i don't care how many colors were done on a warzone LP
if it spins and raybeez shouts, its good enough for me

there's nothing tough about the internet
if you've got a problem don't type shit
say it to my face in reality
internet gossip spreader punch those keys

you express your opinions with an iron fist
to all the other junkies, the truth has been dismissed
well brown nosing gets your nose stuffed with shit
log out of your life, get off the internet!

are you a person or just a screen name?
xfakex what a fucking shame
your life must be boring, hardcore is all you wanna know
i'd rather have a life, lets go skate and ditch the show

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