Brandtson - Circa 1991 Lyrics

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Brandtson Lyrics

Circa 1991 Lyrics

with her there's no pretending to feel the way i feel
i'd never second guess myself if everything was real
she could keep a secret
she could make the plans
she would miss me when i'm gone
but she would understand
i wonder when i'll meet her, i wonder when i see her, will i know?
another day without her
another holiday i'll spend alone
if ever i might need to hear her voice a while i could call from far away
and she would make me smile
are you really out there waiting around for me?
i know i'll be here for you
if this is meant to be
one day i know i'll find her
i wonder when she sees me will she know?
and on that day i find her
we'll be the two to never let it go

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