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Chris Webby Lyrics

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From the Album Chemically Imbalanced (2014)
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Chemically Imbalanced
Nice 2 Be Back
So Eazy
Set It Off
House Party Cypher
Let's Do It Again
Turnt Up
Brim Low
Blunt Ride Cypher
R.A.D. (Roll A Doobie)
Chemically Imbalanced
F*ck Off
Ohh Noo
Label Office Cypher
World On Fire
Stand Up

From the Album Homegrown (2013)
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Bar For Bar
Rap Nemesis
Down Right
Do Like Me
Left Lane
Only Way To Go
Aww Naww
Ride On

From the Album Bars On Me (2012)
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Bars On Me
Bars On Me
Webster Morgan
Wait A Minute
Change The World
CT 2 Shaolin
Dark Side
Is It Alright
At It Again
Whatever I Like
So Fresh
Hide N Seek
Way Of Life
Mission Statement
Fragile Lives

From the Album There Goes The Neighborhood (2011)
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Church (Intro)
What I Do
There Goes The Neighborhood
Bad Guy
I'm Gone
Take Me Home
Until I Die

From the Album Webster's Laboratory (2011)
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Webster's Laboratory (Intro)
Contradictory To Grown Ups
Right From Wrong
Block To The Burbs
Webster's Revenge
Temper, Temper
Sunny Afternoon
Roger That
The Way
Killin' Em
The Joker
Just Can't Kill The Beast
Hard Road
Axe Murder (Bonus Track)

From the Album Best In The Burbs (2010)
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Best In The Burbs
Breaking News (Intro)
Starry Eyed
Runaround Web
Can't Deny Me
Get Loose
They Already Know
The Rain
Get By

From the Album The Under Classmen (2010)
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The Under Classmen
Hands Up
I Need A Dollar
Raising The Bar
Do Me
My Cloud
Won't Let You Go
Goin' Down
Finally Moving
Ready To Go
Bluer Skies
I'm Fresh
No Regrets
What Good Am I
Brim Low

From the Album Optimus Rhyme Mixtape (2010)
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Optimus Rhyme Mixtape
Best In The Burbs
DJ Booth Freestyle
Finally Moving
Get From Round
I'm So Broke
Imma Star
Just Dance
Shoot Em Up
What Them Girls Like
We Made You

From the Album Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper (2009)
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper
TMNR (Intro)
Webby's World
Off The Chain
Come Fly Away
Trouble Maker
Injure You
Cuz I'm Drunk
Trick Or Treat
Go Back
Mad Bars
Hip Hop
Do My Thang
Here Again (Unreleased '08)

From the Album The White Noise LP (2009)
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The White Noise LP
La La La
Get Down
Trust Me
Fer Sher
Wake Up
Outdo You
Stop Me Shinin'
Crazy Ass Bitch
50 Barz
Last Chance
I Love College (Remix) (Bonus Track)

Other Songs:
One Song
Warm Up
WDGAF (We Don't Give A F*ck)
Where The Party At

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