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Ciara Lyrics

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From the Album Jackie (2015)
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Jackie (B.M.F.)
That's How I'm Feelin'
Dance Like We're Makin' Love
Stuck On You
I Bet
Give Me Love
Kiss & Tell
One Woman Army
I Got You
All Good (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Only One (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
I Bet (Remix) (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
I Bet (R3hab Remix) (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album Ciara (2013)
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I'm Out
Body Party
Keep On Lookin'
Read My Lips
Where You Go
Super Turnt Up
Livin' It Up
Backseat Love (iTunes Bonus Track)
Boy Outta Here (Target & Japanese Bonus Track)
One Night With You (Target & Japanese Bonus Track)

From the Album Basic Instinct (2010)
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Basic Instinct (U Got Me)
Gimme Dat
Heavy Rotation
Girls Get Your Money
Yeah I Know
You Can Get It
Turn It Up (feat. Usher)
Wants For Dinner
I Run It
Listen To My Song (iTunes Store Pre-Order Bonus Track)
This Is What Love Is (Japan Bonus Track)

From the Album Fantasy Ride (2009)
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Ciara To The Stage
Love Sex Magic
High Price
Like A Surgeon
Never Ever
Lover's Thing
Pucker Up
G Is For Girl (A-Z)
Keep Dancin' On Me
What Your Name Is
I Don't Remember
Echo (Limited Deluxe Edition / Japanese/UK Bonus Track)
I'm On (Limited Deluxe Edition)
Go Girl (Japan Bonus Track)
Fit Of Love (Dutch & Italian iTunes Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Never Ever (Mike D Radio Mix) (Japan Edition Bonus Track)
When I (Selected iTunes Stores, Pre-Order only)

From the Album Ciara: The Evolution (2006)
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That's Right
Like A Boy
The Evolution Of Music (Interlude)
I Proceed
Can't Leave 'em Alone
My Love
The Evolution Of Dance (Interlude)
Make It Last Forever
Bang It Up
Get Up (From "Step Up" Soundtrack)
The Evolution Of Fashion (Interlude)
Get In, Fit In
The Evolution Of C (Interlude)
So Hard
I'm Just Me
I Found Myself
Love You Better (iTunes and Japan Bonus Track)
Addicted (European Edition Bonus Track)
Promise (Go And Get Your Tickets Mix) (European Edition Bonus Track)
Do It (European iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album Goodies (2004)
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1, 2 Step
Thug Style
Pick Up The Phone
Lookin' At You
Ooh Baby
Next To You
And I
Other Chicks
The Title
Goodies (Remix)
Crazy (International BonusTrack)

Other Songs:
1,2 Step Fingazz Remix
Click Flash
Common Denominator
Cool On You
Deuces (Remix) (Freestyle)
Diva (Cover To Beyonce's Song)
Don't Talk About Me
Feeling On My A
Get It Girl
Get On The Dance Floor
Get Up (Remix)
Goodbye My Dear
Homie & Lover Type
How Low (Remix/Freestyle)
I Don't Care
If Only
Just Stand Up (Studio Version] [Performed by an all-star charity supergroup of pop, R&B, rock, country artists)
Kiss My Swag
Lights On (Lights Off)
Like A Boy (Remix] [feat. Trey Songz)
Love's Funny
My Man & My Music
Oh (French Remix)
One Favor
One More Dance
Pretty Girl Swag
Promise (Remix)
Represent Me
Ride (Remix)
Roll Call
Roll Wit You (From "Coach Carter" Soundtrack)
Shut Em Up
So What
Take Me Wit U
Takin' Back My Love (Single by Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara)
Tic Toc
Turn Me On
Twerk A Little
Up & Down
Walk On The Wall

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