Circa Survive Lyrics

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Circa Survive Lyrics

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From the Album Descensus (2014)
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Child Of The Desert
Always Begin
Only The Sun
Nesting Dolls
Quiet Down
Sovereign Circles

From the Album Violent Waves (2012)
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Violent Waves
Birth Of The Economic Hit Man
Sharp Practice
The Lottery
My Only Friend
Think Of Me When They Sound
Brother Song
Bird Sounds
Blood From A Stone
I'll Find A Way

From the Album Appendage (2010)
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Sleep Underground (Demo)
Stare Like You'll Stay

From the Album Blue Sky Noise (2010)
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Strange Terrain
Get Out
Glass Arrows
I Felt Free
Imaginary Enemy
Through The Desert Alone
Frozen Creek
Fever Dreams
Spirit Of The Stairwell
The Longest Mile
Dyed In The Wool
Every Way (Acoustic Bonus Track)
Airplane Dance (Demo, Bonus Track)
100 Steps (Demo, Bonus Track)

From the Album On Letting Go (2007)
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In The Morning And Amazing...
Living Together
In The Morning And Amazing...
The Greatest Lie
The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose
Travel Hymn
Semi-Constructive Criticism
Kicking Your Crosses Down
On Letting Go
Carry Us Away
Close Your Eyes To See
Your Friends Are Gone

From the Album Juturna (2005)
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Holding Someone's Hair Back
Act Appalled
Wish Resign
The Glorious Nosebleed
In Fear And Faith
The Great Golden Baby
Stop The F*cking Car
We're All Thieves
Oh, Hello
Always Getting What You Want
Meet Me In Montauk
House Of Leaves (Hidden Track)

From the Album The Inuit Sessions (2005)
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Act Appalled
The Great Golden Baby
Suspending Disbelief
Handshakes At Sunrise

Other Songs:
1,000 Witnesses ("On Letting Go" B-Side)
At A Loss
Battle, My Love
Meet Me In Montauk (Live)
Miracle Sun
Sleep On The Ground
The Most Dangerous Commercials ("On Letting Go" B-Side)

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