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Colt Ford Lyrics

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From the Album Thanks For Listening (2014)
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Thanks For Listening
Thanks For Listening
She's Like
The High Life
Dirty Side
Sip It Slow
Workin' On
Farm Life
Outshine Me
Washed In The Mud

From the Album Declaration of Independence (2012)
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Declaration of Independence
Answer to No One
Drivin' Around Song
All In
Ain't Out of the Woods Yet
Dancin' While Intoxicated
It's All
Hugh Damn Right
Room At the Bar
All of My Tomorrows
Happy in Hell
Way Too Early
Angels & Demons

From the Album Every Chance I Get (2011)
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Country Thang
Work It Out
Waste Some Time
Do It With My Eyes Closed
This Is Our Song
Titty's Beer
She Likes To Ride In Trucks
Pipe The Sunshine In
Every Chance I Get
What I Call Home
Overworked & Underpaid
Skirts & Boots

From the Album Chicken & Biscuits (2010)
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Chicken & Biscuits
Chicken & Biscuits
Mud Flap
All About Ya'll
Nothing In Particular
Tool Timer
Cricket On A Line
She Ain't Too Good For That
Hip Hop in a Honkytonk
Ride On Ride Out
Country Kids
Trailer Park Pulp Fiction

From the Album Ride Through the Country (2008) (buy at
Ride Through the Country
Ride Through The Country (duet with John Michael Montgomery)
Mr. Goodtime
No Trash In My Trailer
Cold Beer (duet with Jamey Johnson)
Never Thought
Saddle Up
Waffle House
Dirt Road Anthem
Good God O'mighty
Like Me
I Can't Sing

Other Songs:
Big White Redneck
Buck 'em
Huntin' The World
I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good
Like Me (Sweet Home Alabama Version)
Mud Digger
The Ride

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