Damiera - I AM Pulse Lyrics

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Damiera Lyrics

I AM Pulse Lyrics

Call this anaerobic example in line with a perfect lie
Adjust the skin to fit us over the truth of our rotten foundation
Yes! I'm exiting and now both of my hands, they are free and clear
We touched a soul-less spot that was in me
It caused a collapse
As we drift away, I'm ecstatic in my celebration
Welling up from a lasting decay that's failing now
Backing us up to the edge
Falling renders me alleviated and it stuck with me
While we approached the ground
Carving an edge into our softer side
Burning our bridges down
Clipping our wings
Now, we're falling down; this burden
At no loss, we're at no loss
We lay separated
Honesty left in a hurry without giving chase
Our latency is what disturbs me
At no loss, we're at no loss
As we stay separated

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