Damiera - M(US)IC Lyrics

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Damiera Lyrics

M(US)IC Lyrics

Found left was a needless contender extending
Comprehending the balance to stand tall
Invested in cooperative
Landing contradictions in the flow
Drowning, falling
Embracing careless default
It disproves upon the calendar day
Paused, trailing - we're all lost in the day
Sinking, to a place to call something
Something making its way to function from
All logistic thoughts and cautious reactions are undone
While this high wire we're strung from leaves us exposed and overcome
Accept, accept
Lasting elation bridging anticipation
All the while, holding our breath
Can it, can it stop from dissolving my thoughts?
Stranded, broken - withdrawn -
A body left to steady and actualise
Now it's focused
A body left that's steady and actual

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