Damiera - Slow By Still Lyrics

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Damiera Lyrics

Slow By Still Lyrics

It's sad attraction that causes us torment
and my predictions are suffering, at best
operation "connect-your-feet-to-the-floor"
is stealing heartbeats away and closing doors
must we defend the need to pretend?
nothing is set for us, and I'm
convinced departure engages us to try
and find direction without a crutch to perform
a sad perception that goes on unexplored
a stale emotion, a partner on a string
prepared attraction, and severed with a ring
now: I'm reluctance, and you're integrity
a dialogue reads "it's all we know"
grand insight cannot feel this dead
it's how we dive and descend
this is a pact we've made to discover
each other we're building alone
it's fair to think that time's the instrument
apply the talent - expanding infinite

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