Dam - Eyeballing Lyrics

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Dam Lyrics

Eyeballing Lyrics

No will to live, Dream, defy
Loathsome husk
Of what I thought I knew - shadow
A shell

Churned with dread - abject beast
Expunged, thrown

From Moloch passed down - spurious
Into a tomb of existence - delirious

Aching out for you
Always, always
Always been another
Slowly climb
Cycle into the spiral
From despair into mania
The end you'll never

I've achieved that high
Feeding the beasts of time
See through darkness shine

I'm boiling inside of you
With all my strength I struck
And felt the blow
Craving for life
Surging scheming

From birth until your death
Moloch turns fertile futile

Far too close to your contempt
Passed down, grotesque
What you hid so well

Legacy of the absent God
Founder abandoned
To the medium you'll grow

To kill for you
Always been - always been another
Part of you
Fantasy that you don't know
Reckless, reckless

Find the answer to these prayers
Learn in the fire
Realising what was said
Edges me further
Moving on from where you failed
When you should have died

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