Dan Deacon Lyrics

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Dan Deacon Lyrics

From the Album Gliss Riffer (2015)
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From the Album America (2012)
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From the Album Bromst (2009)
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Build Voice
Red F
Paddling Ghost
Of The Mountains
Surprise Stefani
Wet Wings
Woof Woof
Slow With Horns / Run For Your Life
Get Older

From the Album Spiderman of the Rings (2007)
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Woody Woodpecker
The Crystal Cat
Wham City
Big Milk
Okie Dokie
Trippy Green Skull
Snake Mistakes
Pink Batman
Jimmy Roche
World Of Hair

From the Album Acorn Master (2006)
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Two Friends
Big Big Big Big Big
Moses Vs. Predator
Breast Cake/penis Sleeve

From the Album Twacky Cats (2004)
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Lion With A Sharks Head

From the Album Live Recordings 2003 (2004)
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Pizza Horse

From the Album Meetle Mice (2003)
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Drinking Out Of Cups

From the Album Silly Hat vs. Egale Hat (2003)
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My Name Is Robert

From the Album Goose on the Loose (2003)
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Other Songs:
Hey Let's Go For A Ride
Moses Vs Predator
Totally Boner Eat Shit
Wham City Part 2

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