Daphne Loves Derby - Disregard The Past Few Days Lyrics

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Daphne Loves Derby Lyrics

Disregard The Past Few Days Lyrics

Can I bare to forget you,
when everything we've done
remains to keep me up at night
And do you see that I'm sorry?
I didn't think that you'd
Ever want to be this close to me
And now that it's late
Please understand
That I'm not too close to what you were hoping for
Mistakes have misled you
So what are you waiting for?

I didn't think you'd be like this
You think you're right but you're so wrong
Just try and understand
I can't, I can't hold on to this for long
Let's take the time to see if my
Lips belong on yours tonight

Living down the days you have
The one and only thing you got
Led you through those desperate nights
They were far too late
Forget the bitter taste in your mouth
Wash it out down with blood
The lines across your face tell stories
Guarded by your eyes

Never say things have changed
Yes, they have
It's not the same

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