Daphne Loves Derby - Makers And Breakers Lyrics

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Daphne Loves Derby Lyrics

Makers And Breakers Lyrics

September falls soon, the start of something new
Lets break the news and break it fast for us
Do you understand the reason for pain?
Or am I the only one who hears it?
This awful melody is proof that I will never breathe.
But how can I save myself behind the promises I've made
Just to hold on (just to hold on) to bitterness
No one needs to know of the nightmares in my head
Cause I am, I am letting go (catch me as I fall)
The beauty of this night is haunting me inside
Watch me as I drown in this horrible sound
A momentary breath is held as I step back
To make sure I can feel my heart still beating strong.
Disguise yourself to hide the scars
It could be worse you know, so leave it how it is
A monument to please these fallen dreams of mine
They rest at my feet, but I know how this ends.
Please bring me silence to the restless screams inside my head
They haunt me every time I close my eyes
I've had enough of it.
Hollow and despised
A picture in a burning home is all I am, all I am anymore.

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