Daughters - Cheers, Pricks! Lyrics

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Daughters Lyrics

Cheers, Pricks! Lyrics

If I was drunk right now I'd tell you how we could make this whole process a hell of a lot easier

I can't keep my eye from twitching
I can't make sense of this
If it's ringing in my head or in my ears I cannot tell the difference
I'm wishing I was a bit more educated
You're wishing for a belt of human hair and teeth (mine)
You want to know what it takes to make this young man weep
You've researched how to break my bones and skin me alive
You want to put me in a traveling show
Five bodies
Zero sleep
You've sent me out on a limb to hang myself high above these dirty streets


It's getting louder
I think it knows my name
I awoke in the middle of the night to find it standing in my doorway


Is it over yet?
Is this all there is?
Am I speaking only in vowels here?
Am I a mime?
A swollen tongue
Am I here?
I am


Can anybody here me out there?
Put me down like a horse with a broken leg
An old dog foaming at the mouth
Tie a chain around my ankle and take me out to the blackest deepest sea
Carry me out to the town square
Put me on the guillotine

/The End/

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