Dead Lyrics

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Dead Lyrics

From the Album V.I.P. (1999)
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First Indications Of... Lyrics
Evil Gogo Babe From Outer Space Lyrics
Young, Free And Shameless Lyrics
V.I.P. Lyrics
Glamorous Teen-Specialist In Gang-Bang City Lyrics
Heavenly Whipping Queen Lyrics
Orgasm Through Sleazy Vibes Lyrics
Chew-in-cum (Sperm-int Mix) Lyrics
Sweet Turbo Stench Lyrics
Tramal 25 Mg (Surround Insanity Mix) Lyrics

From the Album Slaves To Abysmal Perversity (1993)
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Delicious Taste Of Vaginal Excrements Lyrics
Thrusted To The Limit Of All Delights Lyrics
Slaves To Abysmal Perversity Lyrics
Gathering For Lust Lyrics

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