Dead On The Dance Floor - The Road Less Traveled Lyrics

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Dead On The Dance Floor Lyrics

The Road Less Traveled Lyrics

You seem content, with the words, you hide behind.
You speak them loud you speak them clear, when you're alone.
Over time it's gotten worse when you open your mouth.
The failure to see the truth explains your fucking life.

All the words you say, don't mean a thing.
I could care less how you feel, or what you think.
Come out and say what you want, if you feel the need.
Or wait till my back is turned, and then you speak again.

So take a fucking stand!

You all seem to think, so little of us.
We're not even worth the ground that you walk upon.
So give me a reason why I should even care.
Cause I don't give a fuck about you, or anyone else.

This is just another chapter within my book of life.
I'll turn the page once again, and try to leave you out.
You always seem to find a way, to write yourself back in.
No matter how much you think of yourself, you're still not worth a line.

I won't take this sitting down
I am done with you.
You can yell at the top of your lungs,
Your cries will fall upon deaf ears.

I'll take the road less traveled [x4]

I will not waste my time, with you.
Your arrogance is just, a mask.
So shut your fucking mouth,
And let me live my life in peace.

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