Dear Tragedy - Change Is Inevitable Lyrics

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Dear Tragedy Lyrics

Change Is Inevitable Lyrics

Let's get up and move on, from the place we used to call home
It's safe to say that when I need it most, everyone just leaves me alone
I need a second to run away, I know there's no time to stay
In the town that did not one thing for me all it did was stand in my way

Just hold on so tightly, and never let go
You'll come to see it's great to be the one has grown
Just keep your mind open with all anger aside
Release your fear you're almost here, don't run or don't hide
Forget your past
This was meant to last

I've still got a lot to learn, I know, I haven't seen it all yet
I'm getting out of this town because only staying here is the safest bet
I need to get away, I need to find a place
In the end it's what I've wanted, and there's nothing that you can take (from me)

Say anything you want
Do whatever you need
I don't care what you say
I'm only in this for me.

I need to keep my head held high; I will try not to fall
It's tough to keep moving forward, but it's my life after all

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