Deer Tick - Nevada Lyrics

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Deer Tick Lyrics

Nevada Lyrics

Stare at the sun, howl at the moon
Oh, I've come so far
I'm coming for you
Each lonesome night, I've seen this light
That no valley, no river can hide

I thought so hard, this is the way
Oh, maybe you're making a fool out of me
Why should I care, I heard you say
"you can't wander without love beside you"

It's hard to detach or leave things behind
Oh, look at me, baby, I'm losin my mind
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you'll stay
Oh, stay here to wander beside me

Those in the know[?], whose colours are true
It's just 60 more miles and baby, I love you
And I'd spill my guts if I had your trust
Oh believe me, you'll always leave me crushed

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