Deer Tick - The Ghost Lyrics

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Deer Tick Lyrics

The Ghost Lyrics

You don't have to say anything
But you have got to mean everything
This woman on my mind, her lies stink the same as mine
And I don't think I should go home to her
Desperate is my plan but hear my plea
When the cradle falls from the tree
If that babe ain't walking, and I have done my talking
Well, I will walk away a free man
There's a label on the bottle that I read
But it don't have a thing to do with me
I ain't carrying no child, it's only dreams I got inside
And tonight they're getting drunk with me
I tried to treat you with respect
Can't you do me one better than neglect?
All the time we spent apart, it really made us who we are
You're as lonely as a ghost on Halloween (You've been messing around behind my back)
So you don't have to say anything I know you didn't mean everything
Who could I be kidding?
I'll always have my mind on quitting
And I don't think that I'll feel no other way

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