Defeater - Everything Went Quiet Lyrics

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Defeater Lyrics

Everything Went Quiet Lyrics

roll on through to the other side of town.
passed the quarry, the river beds,
over bridges and bunker sheds.
roll on through to the pits and the rail car yard.
"this is where you prove your worth."
a brother's dare, that devil's smirk.
"oh, this is the way it will always be."
a kid brother in the shadows of a cold heart's legacy.
"oh, this is where we see who runs first.
it's you and me and the train.
the steel tracks and the dirt.
oh, you can never live up to me."
and so he stood trembling,
waiting for smoke above the trees.
roll on through. he could hear it rumbling,
he could feel it beneath his feet.
roll on through.
"closer now, hold your ground.
steadfast, ignore the sound."
everything went quiet
just before the rush took over his head.
with the pull and the push of the engine,
think back with the coal and the steam.
the racing thoughts, the questions,
the adolescent rivalry.
and with a nod from the elder,
the younger's fear topples over.
over rails and over timber.
"that's no dodge, you fucking coward."
and the train rolls on.
and the train rolls on
"yellow-belly go home."
and the train rolls on.

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