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Demi Lovato Lyrics

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From the Album Demi (2013)
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Heart Attack
Made In The USA
Without The Love
Neon Lights
Two Pieces
In Case
Really Don't Care
Fire Starter
Something That We're Not
Never Been Hurt
Shouldn't Come Back
I Hate You, Don't Leave Me (Target Bonus Track)

From the Album Unbroken (2011)
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All Night Long
Who's That Boy
You're My Only Shorty
Fix A Heart
Hold Up
Give Your Heart A Break
In Real Life
My Love Is Like A Star
For The Love Of A Daughter
Skyscraper (Wizz Dumb Remix)
Rascacielo (Japanese Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
After Shock (Japanese Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Yes I Am (Japanese Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album Here We Go Again (2009)
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Here We Go Again
U Got Nothin' On Me
Falling Over Me
Catch Me
Every Time You Lie
Got Dynamite
Stop The World
World Of Chances
Remember December
Everything You're Not
Gift Of A Friend
So Far, So Great

From the Album Don't Forget (2008)
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La La Land
Get Back
On The Line
Don't Forget
Gonna Get Caught
Two Worlds Collide
The Middle
Until You're Mine
Believe In Me
Behind Enemy Lines
Lo Que Soy
Back Around

Other Songs:
1, 2, 3 Goodbye
Angels Among Us
Be Okay
Besame Mucho
Cool For The Summer
Different Summers (from "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" soundtrack)
Give Me Love
Got My Girls
Heart By Heart (from "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" soundtrack)
How To Love
It's Not Too Late (from "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" soundtrack)
Let It Go (from "Frozen" soundtrack)
Make A Wave
Me, Myself And Time (from "Sonny With A Chance" soundtrack)
Moves Me
One And The Same (from "Disney Channel Playlist")
Our Time Is Here (from "Camp Rock" soundtrack)
Send It On
Shut Up & Love Me
Sing My Song For You
That's How You Know (from "DisneyMania 6")
This Is Me (from "Camp Rock" soundtrack)
What To Do (from "Sonny With A Chance" soundtrack)
Who Will I Be (from "Camp Rock" soundtrack)
Who's That Boy (Remix)
Wonderful Christmas Time (from "All Wrapped Up!" compilation)
Work Of Art (from "Sonny With A Chance" soundtrack)
Wouldn't Change A Thing (from "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" soundtrack)
You'll Be Sorry
You're My Favorite Song (from "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" soundtrack)

Camp Rock

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