Deric Ruttan - Angelina Lyrics

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Deric Ruttan Lyrics

Angelina Lyrics

She had his picture in a locket
Her hands were tremblin' on the wheel
When Jimmy went in for one last robbery
With a .45 of cold blue steel
Told the clerk," Don't try to be a hero"
But that kid put up a fight
And one stray bullet through their windshield
Took Angelina's life
The cops found a crowd of people
And a bullet hole in the clerk
Jimmy in the car, Angelina in his arms
He was whisperin' to her

"Angelina you can close your eyes
You'll spend tonight in paradise, my pretty Angelina
Oh Angelina, go on across that mighty river
Someday we'll be together my pretty Angelina"

I was a guard there on the cellblock
Maximum security
And guilty men are all the same
They all think they should be free
But Jimmy Nichols, he was different
He said,"To die is to gain
For I have made my peace with Jesus
And tonight I break these chains"
Jimmy smiled when the preacher came in
He said," Friend lead the way
I got an angel waitin' on me
Tonight I'm gonna see her
And I can finally say"

(Second Chorus)
"Oh Angelina, girl open up your eyes
We'll spend tonight in paradise my pretty Angelina
Oh Angelina, I've come across that mighty river
Now we'll always be together, my pretty Angelina"

(Repeat Second Chorus)

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