Desa - Skywriting Lyrics

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Desa Lyrics

Skywriting Lyrics

Welcome to the dream come true.
It's like your favorite movie, only better.
So much to say, but why bother?
There's too many pretty things to feel.
I can't think of anyone I'd rather share this with.
Thank you for being who you are.
You're meant to be here, digging this trip with me.
So let's keep digging.
For once, a grand day.
I don't wanna let go.
The planets are finally aligned.
Flying 10,000 feet above a silent surface, I detect the first trace of vibration.
A ripple on the surface.
A hum beneath the water.
It swells rapidly to a womblike pulse.
My ears swallow the sensation.
This is who I wanted to be: flooded with magical sounds.
Cross my heart and hope to live awhile.
Laughing, I raise my arms to the sky.
We're the pilots of a streamlined soul where new life grows.
In the sky, we leave fading trails.
Against the blue, they show.

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