Destruction Lyrics

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Destruction Lyrics

From the Album Spiritual Genocide (2012)
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Spiritual Genocide
City Of Doom
No Signs Of Repentance
To Dust You Will Decay
Legacy Of The Past (Guest Version)
Riot Squad
Under Violent Sledge

From the Album Day Of Reckoning (2011)
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The Price
Hate Is My Fuel
Devil's Advocate
Day Of Reckoning
Sorcerer Of Black Magic
The Demon Is God
Church Of Disgust
Destroyer Or Creator
Sheep Of The Regime
Stand Up And Shout

From the Album D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. (2008)
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Elevator To Hell
Vicious Circle - The Seven Deadly Sins
Offenders Of The Throne
Last Desperate Scream
Urge (The Greed Of Gain)
The Violation Of Morality
Inner Indulgence
Odyssey Of Frustration
No One Shall Survive

From the Album Inventor Of Evil (2005)
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Soul Collector
The Defiance Will Remain
The Alliance Of Hellhoundz
No Mans Land
The Calm Before The Storm
The Chosen Ones
Dealer Of Hostility
Under Surveillance
Seeds Of Hate
Twist Of Fate
Killing Machine
Memories Of Nothingness

From the Album Metal Discharge (2003)
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The Ravenous Beast
Metal Discharge
Ripping The Flesh Apart
Fear Of The Moment
Mortal Remains
Desecrators Of The New Age
Historical Force Feed
Savage Symphony Of Terror
Made To Be Broken

From the Album The Antichrist (2001)
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Days Of Confusion
Thrash 'Til Death
Nailed To The Cross
Dictators Of Cruelty
Bullets From Hell
Strangulated Pride
Meet Your Destiny
Creations Of The Underworld
Godfather Of Slander
Let Your Mind Rot
The Heretic
Curse The Gods

From the Album All Hell Breaks Loose (2000)
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The Final Curtain
Machinery Of Lies
Tears of Blood
Devastation Of Your Soul
The Butcher Strikes Back
World Domination of Pain
X-treme Measures
All Hell Breaks Loose
Total Disaster 2000
Visual Prostitution
Kingdom of Damnation

From the Album The Least Successful Human Cannonball (1998)
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Formless, Faceless, Nameless
Tick On A Tree
263 Dead Popes
Cellar Soul
God Gifted
Hofffmannn's Helll
Brother Of Cain
A Fake Transition
Continental Drift I
Continental Drift II

From the Album Cracked Brain (1990)
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Cracked Brain
Time Must End
My Sharona
Rippin' You Off Blind
Die A Day Before You're Born
No Need To Justify
When Your Mind Was Free

From the Album Release From Agony (1988)
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Release From Agony
Dissatisfied Existence
Sign Of Fear
Unconscious Ruins
Our Oppression
Survive To Die

From the Album Mad Butcher (1987)
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Mad Butcher
Reject Emotions

From the Album Eternal Devastation (1986)
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Curse The Gods
Confound Games
Life Without Sense
United By Hatred
Eternal Ban
Upcoming Devastation
Confused Mind

From the Album Infernal Overkill (1985)
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Invincible Force
Death Trap
The Ritual
Bestial Invasion
Thrash Attack
Black Death

From the Album Sentence Of Death (1984)
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Total Disaster
Black Mass
Mad Butcher
Satans Vengeance
Devils Soldiers

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