Devil's Brigade - Protest Song Lyrics

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Devil's Brigade Lyrics

Protest Song Lyrics

Loaded guns won't stop us
False threats won't shock us
Protest songs gonna rock us all night long

Riots in San Fransisco where the workers are dying
Need something to drown my pain when I hear my mother crying
I know the end is coming soon
Race against the clock danger looms

Just want to make one thing sure don't ever stop believing
It's my home my country land of freedom
But now she's bleeding
How many times have I been burned
By politics and lies
War has been sold here and returned
Under bombed out skies

Don't need to hide the truth it's over
The train has rolled away
Polished disaster it's hard to imagine
Life in a different way
Now it's getting late and we can't go home
Don't ever forget the common man
The working man the blue collar man he's a fighting man

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