Deviser Lyrics

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Deviser Lyrics

From the Album Running Sore (2002)
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Descend Among The Damned Lyrics
Under The Lunar Skies Lyrics
She Who Is To Come Lyrics
Signals From Another World Lyrics
I Am In Awe Lyrics
Mourn The Dead Lyrics
From The Starry Voids Lyrics
Liber Animus Lyrics
Bemused Minds Lyrics

From the Album Transmission To Chaos (1998)
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Transmission To Chaos Lyrics
Sailed By Night Lyrics
Satyr, Hail! Lyrics
Transcendent Beauty Lyrics
A Story Of The Wind Lyrics
Deamonolatreia Lyrics
The Dark Mood Gathered Lyrics
Open Shaft To Lunacy Lyrics
Oneiric Aphasia Lyrics

From the Album Unspeakable Cults (1997)
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Stand & Deliver Lyrics
Darkness Incarnate Lyrics
Threnody Lyrics
When Nightmares Begin Lyrics
The Rape Of Holiness Lyrics
Ritual Orgy Lyrics
Dangers Of A Real & Concrete Nature Lyrics
The Fire Burning Bright Lyrics
In The Horror Field Lyrics
Afterkill Lyrics

From the Album The Revelation Of Higher Mysteries (1994)
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Intro Lyrics
Consumed By Darkness Lyrics
The Shadow Where Evil Stands Still Lyrics

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