Diluvium - Round 'n' Round Lyrics

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Diluvium Lyrics

Round 'n' Round Lyrics

Round and round we get nowhere
With our heads down we don't see
And we don't know
What should we have to.

I saw before,how they seek
And how they die,they yearn;
Birds refuse to fly.

So,I can feel them
I so wish to be one of you again
But I'm dead,I'll not die again.

Force that I need it makes me feel so weak
To achieve my hopes
And seal my fate
But distance makes me feel so late.

I have to be just honest with my needs
With that weight on my back
And the truth in my heart
I open my eyes in the darkest nights.

Oh,smooth creator of life
Would you hear my voice
And take my pain away.

I cry with no tears,in the lunar light
I pray in my loneliness,with no fears
I'd rather be gone.

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