Diluvium - Tidal Healing Lyrics

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Diluvium Lyrics

Tidal Healing Lyrics

I don't wanna be the smile of your loneliness
To wake in fear hearing the screams
To feel as a different drop in the ocean of love
Where waves are breaking our dreams.

I am the one of the wanderers, one of the stars
I am a lost soul in my mind,
It's hard to understand each other
To see our hearts
To realize that we're not alive.

I just want to give myself to you
To see my shadow flying above you
Forever carrying us in a land of truth
Where you don't have to ask what to do...

Sometimes yes I cry
Sometimes yes I know
What's hidden under the mask I've found on your face
It's getting dark too much
To see barely what you feel
There is no need to be in shade and slowly fade.

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