Divina Inferis - More Souls For His Victory Lyrics

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Divina Inferis Lyrics

More Souls For His Victory Lyrics

Truth lies in the fact that nothing but Death and Void prevail.
Satan, give euthanasia for all human race which is based on feeble compassion!
The spirit of the lamb lives not only in religions but also in human flesh.

Superior is the existence which lives from the suffering of others.
In the name of the Devil!
These are the words which testify His wisdom... the inevitable end!
His soul is a knife that lies inside human,
His stare ignites the angelhorde, may Jesus weep...
Devil, let us burn as your disciples!
All life in earth shall suffocate before your breath of sulphur!

March towards His abyssic reigns where sin is a virtue... taste His blood and kill yourself in devotion for Him!
No sacrifice is great enough...

End of all life

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