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Dizzy Wright Lyrics

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From the Album The Growing Process (2015)
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The Growing Process
Higher Learning
God Bless America
Can I Feel This Way
No Time Is Better
Don't Ever Forget
Smoke You Out
Good Vibes
I Can Tell You Needed It
Smoke Box
Explain Myself
False Reality
Will It Last

From the Album Lost In Reality (2015)

(with Mark Battles)
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Coming Home
Hold On

From the Album State Of Mind (2014)
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State Of Mind
Everywhere I Go
Reunite For The Night
Too Real For This
Nuttin Bout Me
New Generation
Calm Down

From the Album The Golden Age (2013)
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2 Wings And A Crown
The Flavor
The Perspective
Killem With Kindness
Welcome Home
Bout That Life
Still Movin
Cant Stop Won't Stop
Step Yo Game Up
Tellem My Name
World Peace
Hope You Have a Good Day
Your Type
Brodee Bro
The Golden Ghetto
We Turned Out Alright
New History

From the Album The First Agreement (2012)
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The First Agreement (Intro)
Flyin High
My Life
Time For A Change
Hotel Stripper
Shotgun Kisses
End Of Times

From the Album Free SmokeOut Conversations Mixtape (2012)
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Man In The Veg
Independent Living
Wake Up
Can't Trust Em Remix
Nobody's Teaching Game
Let The Song Repeat
Funk Volume 2012
SwizZzy Wright
Playa Play On
Building This Life For You

From the Album SmokeOut Conversations (2012)
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SmokeOut Conversations
Get Back
Can't Trust 'Em
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
Solo Dolo
Who Want It
Accept My Flaws Pt. 2
F*ck Your Opinion
Local Weed Man
Get It Together
Who Got The Chronic
Taking My Time

From the Album Soul Searchin: Next Level (2011)
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Here He Go Again
Hit Me When You Comin'
I Wonder If Heaven Gotta Ghetto
Accept My Flaws
Rollin' Skimps
Soul Searchin
I Love Weed
Work On Your Self
Whatever It Takes
Black People
The Wright Road

From the Album Legendary (2011)
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In The Morning
Stop Hatin On Me
Somebody Or Nobody
My Heart Will Move On
Leave Me Alone

Other Songs:
Fall For Your Type
Floyd Money Mayweather
Letter To My Unborn Child
Real Niggas Vs. Bitch Niggas
Rep That Veg
Share Life With You
TeamBackPack Cypher
Tha Truth
Train Your Mind
Verbalizing (HNHH Original)

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