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DMX Lyrics

World's Greatest Lyrics

It's the world's greatest
(Ruff Ryders)
Make you throw your bike's up
Make you rep your hood, now scream
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

I think I'm getting why these ma'fuckers hate me
'Cause I've been putting pressure on errything lately
And I'm here pressure bust pipes kinda easy
With that being said I apologize to BP
But to the rest of ya'll it's no courtesy
I'm not a [?] none of you burden me
Next generation at the double R lights up
Ii'm the next nigga that's gon' make 'em throw they bikes up
I literally had million's watching me
On the stage turning dudes to a mockery
Get it, copy with me with no [?]
This niggas is chickens and beef steady talkin' bout they go HAM
You confused you meat lover
I got Swizz feelin' like Dre when he made Deep Cover
I'm the next Double R meal ticket
Make like a deck of cards nigga, deal with' it!


[Drag On:]
My flow dope like the methadone clinic
Pull on the Phantom when you see a don in it
Glove box you might see the Kuran in it
Underneath the firearm, am I wrong with it
I drop the roof to be captured by the sun
Relay my bars and remastered every one
Nigga's wonderin' where the fuck Drag at?
I'm on Twitter hittin' everybody back
Drag to the dash I ain't back to claim shit
I still got the same crown I first came with'
If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change shit
Now I'm a shine when the rain get thick nigga


[Sheek Louch:]
Donnie G, ayo
All the pretty girls go round the ouside
Porsche or Range Rover meet me in the ride
Windows on jet black you ain't gotta hide
Donnie, Razor Ramone, Bobby Backlund
This my throne cranberry silver patron, they love me
Hat back like I'm 15 face clean
Nice blue jeans sitting on the Louie
I used to run base and I don't mean that
A long way from Dr Jays and Conways
I still like hoodrats some Beyonces
Pop off you ain't' ever seen Ak's
Top down, Eddie Levert and the old J's (whoa)
Donnie killin' that UFO
It took a little while but Donnie gon blow
Hater seen Sheek nope, Donnie on the go
Might as well call me butter cause Donnie on a roll


Ayo, personally I think I'm underrated if nothing else
I ask around, they you Jada is something else
Motherfuck who they know it's the kid with the diesel bars and cool aid flow
It's a couple dudes I ain't got rid of yet
But it ain't no rush, niggas is butt like the back of the cigarette
Holla when it's time for the blood to get spilled
I only negotiate for thugs to get killed
Hustler, artist, CEO, on the low, blowin' strawberry Kiwi dro
Sling cane til they cut off my hands, other than that
I'm a spit pain til they cut off my glands
Got work all over the stove
Gettin' money all over the globe
In the Range all over road
Cribs and the whips is lavish
Double R mob life, kiss...


You know me, playing kiss with your bitch
She can call time, running trio on ya bitch
Shoot 'em in the mouth, bet you he ain't gon snitch
Fuckin' with 3 bad niggas
Telling your girl full of tea bag niggas
She's wavvy we crazy
ADHD, know where the weight be
On the scale with the guns off safety
Eyes hazy, money mansion Mercedes
Surrounded by killers, OG, crack babies
Loading up the nine, don't say a dime
Two blunts in the Watson 749
Red wine avocado, salad with the lambs
[?] head honcho, rocking the poncho
Way out in Mexico, 10 for the bird let you place the decimel
Turn ya ass vegetable


You the next nigga, I'm the ex nigga
Name still ringing bells so fuck the rest nigga
I do this shit for real
Y'all niggas is acting, I'm old school like Andre the giant and Bob Backlund
Cats ain't never been able to ever
Fuck with the dawg, whatever the weather
I come through, niggas bow down like Muslims praying
I'm just tryna understand what these fools are saying
Don't make me, somebody better take me outta here
This is what it came down to, fuck outta here
Cats gotta fear, a nigga like me
I come through in beast mode from New York to AZ
Bitch you fucking crazy, thinking Dog ain't got it
Dog gon hit it, as soon as y'all slide
I'm a scratch to the death, til there's half of 'em left
I'm a last of 'em left, til the last of my breath


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