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Dom Kennedy Lyrics

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From the Album By Dom Kennedy (2015)
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By Dom Kennedy
By Dom Kennedy
My First Reply (Till It's Over)
On My Hometown / Nobody Else
Represent (I Like That)
What I Tell Kids
Fried Lobster
Thank You, Biggie
2 Bad
Posted In The Club

From the Album Get Home Safely (2013)
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Get Home Safely
Get Home Safely
Lets Be Friends
All Girl Crazy
After School
If It Don't Make Money
Honey Buns
Erica Part 2
Black Bentleys
Tryna Find My Way
A Intermission For Watts
South Central Love
Still Callin'
The 5 Year Theory (Real Shit Last)
2morrow (We Ain't Worried) (iTunes Bonus Track)
A.M.N.I.G.z (Best Buy Bonus Track)
Nothing Like Me (Best Buy Bonus Track)

From the Album Yellow Album (2012)
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So Elastic
Been Thuggin
We Ball
My Type Of Party
Girls On Stage
Don't Call Me
5.0 | Conversations
Gold Alpinas
PG Click
P + H

From the Album II From The Westside With Love (2011)
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Dom's Prayer
When I Come Around
She Ain't In Love
Money Don't Stop
Platinum Chanel
I Love Dom
The Ways
Mr Champagne Intermission
New Jeeps
Dream To Me

From the Album The Original Dom Kennedy (2011)
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Playas Punch
The Homies
Turn Me Out
Bet You Want Me (Now)
Designer Shit
Can't Let Go
Nigga 4 Life
On The Way Home
When You See Love (Bonus Track)

From the Album From The Westside With Love (2010)
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In Memory Of
Still Me
Home Alone
The 4 Heartbeats
Locals Only
Love the Future
Room 323 Intermission
A Leimert Park Song
Me Again (Bonus Track)

From the Album Future Street / Drug Sounds (2009)
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Of All Time
It Was Beautiful
Menace Beach
Feelin It Killin It
Hellagood Intermission
I Apologize
Go Head (A Champions Theme)

From the Album 25th Hour (2008)
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Bite Me
Who Rollin Wit Me
Watermelon Sundae
Yesterday Was A Good Day
In The Daytime
Still Lookin

Other Songs:
Everybody Knows Us
Miss Donna Karan
My Type Of Party (Remix)
Survival Of The Illest Cypher (performed by Lady of Rage, Blind Fury, Dom Kennedy, Skillz)

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