Dragonheart - New Millenium Lyrics

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Dragonheart Lyrics

New Millenium Lyrics

The time is getting over
And everething you hear
Are echos of the past
All that you see
Is the fire in the sky

The human race believe
The end is coming near
All turning to darkness
They are living in fear
For salvation you will die

Now is the time
To fight and survive
The time is not a desease
Waiting for something can salve your souls
Running to eternity

New millenium bring freedom
Freedom to the land
Bring us hope in the wings of rason
Take us faithfull hands

The people deep in trubles
Broken all the dreams
Make war for proud
So our civilization
Never win

We are not walking
To destruction of life
Is just the first step
For a great evolution
To the human kind

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