Dragonheart - Sir Lockdunam Lyrics

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Dragonheart Lyrics

Sir Lockdunam Lyrics

Alone in the darkness
Walking on the Ice
Thinking in your mission
Waiting for the fight

Its comes face your fears
And afronting over the montains
Under the stars
Under the sun

All taverns of the kingdom
The bards sing storys of fight
Sir Lockdunam
The cold steel is your might

How can I feel thousand battles I saw
Strong like a storm listening the called of war
My spirit is a drum that conclamed the warriors
Death is redemption to goes to Valhalla

The sunrise in the westland
Following in your dreams
No rest for the Knights
Forgivening your sins

The battlefield is burning
For the mystical souls
With the bright armors
Braveries on your own

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