Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Magnolia Tree Lyrics

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Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Lyrics

Magnolia Tree Lyrics

Weekend in charleston, midnight in the sand.
Dancing in a white dress, trembling through my hands.
Talking over breakfast, I learned the hard way;
If I wanted to be with you, I would have to wait.
Three years later and a million miles away,
I still want to wrap you in my arms and see if you'll stay.

And sit with me in the top of a magnolia tree.
Tell me all your secrets darling, tell me that you'll stay.
Watch your smile so big and blue, won't you kiss me underneath the moon?
I'm not leaving darling, I'm not going anywhere.

Took you to my hometown and drove you around oxford-town.
Dylan sang and so did lamontagne. won't you sing and smile?
Make me laugh, oh anything. just be yourself.
Talk all day, and tell me all your stories.

I drove you home on a long highway. you said you aren't sure.
I'm not leaving till you kick me out the door.
Go on home to nashville, girl. I will visit soon.
You know I'm thinking about you, wishing that you were..

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