Drew Kennedy - Goodnight Mississippi Lyrics

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Drew Kennedy Lyrics

Goodnight Mississippi Lyrics

Goodnight Mississippi, goodnight Abilene
Goodnight all you wild horses with broken dreams
Goodnight to the harbor and all the ships at sea
Sailing on their lonely courses just like me

In a way, itís funny that I donít know where I am
Iím afraid to tell you just what state Iím in
The reflection in the mirror canít point e to my home
Thatís a scary thought when youíre all alone

Tonight Iím in Austin and Iím thinking of you
And all the stupid bullshit that I put you through
Smoke curls up a halo and I blow it away
The irony of a cigarette at the end of the day


So goodnight Mississippi the sun is sinking low
I hope somewhere the twilight finds a telephone
And dials up your number just to hear you say
How much you miss me and I should come home right away


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